The last weekend in July

He was eating waffles in his grandma Heidi`s garden…


…and he did not save one for me.

He helped his uncle Stian at their old cabin…


…at least I hope Stian is his uncle because it is not easy to know who that spiderman is 🙂

They had a guest at their new cabin…


I guess someone had been to the loo and since there is no water to flush in the bathroom –  the cow… I don`t want to go there.

Outside my window there are one baby bird missing…


Friday evening there were two of them. Now I can`t see the second one and the parents have been aggressive and screaming all day.

Me? I have worked 90 hours this last week and last night I came home and couldn`t do anything but go to bed. Another 13 hours shift today but tomorrow is a lighter day 🙂

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