Welcome August

For a few hours we could welcome August with a taste of summer…


…and I could spend some time outside dealing with a new layer of weeds.

So much to do in August.

New prompts from Ali Edwards for my “One little Word” – practicing and documenting gratitude. That is not an easy one for me and I am most likely to let go of this one.

Vacation – one week to go before I start my three weeks of vacation. A welcome one.

The August Break 2015 – one photo prompt a day. I can do that – on and off.

Organize athon summer 2015 – next weekends organizing event at Simplify 101. I have a plan for this one. I think.

Week in the Life 2015 – documenting a week in the life starting August 17.

I don`t know how Week in the life will work out for me during a vacation so I have been thinking maybe I can do this in the upcoming week. Then I am thinking – that will be a busy and stressful enough week. The one thing I do know is that I will be documenting one week in August…


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1 Response to Welcome August

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Your August sounds full and rich with love, adventure and fun (once all the stressful organizing is done with). Looking forward to “near enough a photo a day”. In my personal opinion, I think the weeds can wait, they’ll be there in September. August is my favourite month because it’s my birth month 🙂

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