December Daily | Day 5

Yesterday was – wet…


…but we didn`t get as much rain as other parts of the North West Coast of Norway…


…and it is not over yet…


In a couple of hours we will have a taste of the red stuff. Thankfully we don`t have to worry about the flooding.

Yesterday we had hours of thunder and lightning so I spent hours unplugged – a little cleaning and a little baking…


When one of the young men from work called to ask if I could work for him a few hours so he could attend a Christmas party I couldn`t find any reason to say no:) So – Saturday evening was spent at work. Might as well since spending Saturday evening home alone unplugged in the shitty weather was less tempting.

More thunder coming this way so I am unplugging again. Now – what to do unplugged 🙂

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2 Responses to December Daily | Day 5

  1. sallycalligan says:

    What a lovely window scene.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sorry about the weather! Are those krumkaka?

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