December Daily | Day 8

Baby Anton is not feeling so good and is up at 4 am. A bottle with milk makes the world a better place to be…


I had an invite for dinner at my brother`s house and had the joy of picking up the boys from their after school program…


Nice to see that at least school is just like it was when I was a kid. (Although they have a brand new School).

The boys were eager to get home to play MindCraft but they had nothing against raiding their grandma`s avdent calendar first…


Happy to share 8 pieces of chocolate – until he realized I wanted a piece. How would that add up?


My sister in law and I had an appointment to see a few new build houses last night. So much more fun to see the real house instead of the floor plans.

I must say some of them had brilliant Christmas tree in the back yard…


Their own oil drilling platform – lit like a Christmas decoration.

And I think we found a house we all loved…




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