Decemeber Daily | Day 10

A day filled of Christmas Spirit…


The three musketeers invited me to their school`s Christmas party. This year all of them is at the same school.

She was dressed to entertain…


It will take som time for me to adjust to the fact that she is old enough to use make up. Is she really old enough. The haircut was her choise (No hair on the other side)…


But, she can sing. Like always in the front row…


He was too busy with everything else. There were moments he just forgot to sing…


…but he was ready when Santa arrived…


You could see that he put himself in position to be first in line…


…and he succeeded…


Kristian was a close number three (Also with the same stupid haircut)…


He was also the lucky one who had the winning ticket and could go home with a sack filled with carrots…


Tor Magnus just had to go out and play in the thunder and came back in need of dry cloths. Good thing grandma could talk him into getting his change from the wardrobe…


A good day filled with Christmas Carols and Christmas spirit.



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1 Response to Decemeber Daily | Day 10

  1. Anonymous says:

    I understand……. I have looked at young people, trying to understand why they choose to cut/color their hair or wear something IN their face when they are such nice looking people…….. everyone has to experiment and hopefully it is always the lesser of evils! Loved Santa!!

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