December Daily | Day 20

The fourth Sunday of Advent


Another wet and grey day…


After eight days of working I had today off. Just a quick trip to get today`s fresh bread inside from the rain. Leaving it to my colleagues to welcome today`s costumers…


Even December is mostly everyday life and not every day is a good one.


Almost 30 years ago > my grandfather Torvald and his three daughters. To the left the oldest  Tora, in the middle the youngest  Inger Johanne and my mother Ragnhild. They celebrated his birthday number 96. When they left him in bed that night he said: ” Now that I am 100 I can let go of life.” He died three months later. He had a good life.

Those three daughters gave birth to a girl in 1961. My mother Ragnhild had me during spring, Tora had May Britt in the summer and Inger Johanne had Ellen in the fall. This must have been a busy year for my grandmother Elen:)


My grandparents with eight of their nine grandchildren in 1966. We are all dressed up so it must be a birthday party going on. (My guess is my father`s 50 birthday). On my grandfather`s lap is May Britt and Ellen and I am hiding out in my grandmother`s lap.

Today we received the sad news of May Britt’s death.


No mother should experience losing a child and our thoughts are with our aunt Tora and her family.


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1 Response to December Daily | Day 20

  1. Anonymous says:

    Please express my sympathy to your Aunt Tora. I did not have the privilege of meeting this Aunt or any of her family when I visited. I love seeing your pictures of your family! Priceless

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