December Daily | Day 23

Little Christmas Eve…


I was home from work just in time for the thunder and heavy rain to come upon us. A snack, a two-hour nap, a long nice bath and the worst of it was over.

He was driving home for Christmas…


…and finally fell asleep. Coming home to the family with a lot of Christmas spirit…

23933514385_d1ed226250_bReady to help his uncle Jan to redecorate the tree and to visit his mother`s family…


His cousin Elin Marie was happy to follow along. Of course she was happy – there was a dog there 🙂

I can`t wait to have a taste of this year`s Christmas cookies brought from Trondheim…


I think we are set for Christmas.


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1 Response to December Daily | Day 23

  1. Anonymous says:

    Merry Christmas all! Messaging your brother presently!!

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