Welcome 2016

January 1 is a good day to say hello to a new beginning but first…


Not a trace of Christmas left in my home this afternoon.

So – January? Time to pick a Word for 2016. I think I have found my word for 2016 but I will keep it close for a few more days. As always I am seeking inspiration with Ali Edwards


I also signed up for Cathy Zielske`s year long class FIT but I am not ready to start a new life just yet. Maybe Monday 🙂


But I am ready to clean and organize my home. The hardest part already done since Christmas decorations is back in Storage.

Last year I followed The Apartment Therapy`s January Cure and cleaned the house during January and I plan to do the same this January. For some reason this does not feels like a big challenge like last year.

Our first Challenge is always to clean the floors. That might not be what I feel like doing right now but I am working both Saturday and Sunday so I guess it is a good idea to just to it. Shouldn`t take more than one hour to clean all the floors ?

Join the Challenge and you get a clean and organized home before the end of January – and it is FUN.

The January Cure – 2016


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