January Cure 2016 – Purge the pantry

Clear it out, clean it up and get a jumpstart on this weekend’s larger project at the same time…

When this assignment comes up I`m always thankful that I don`t have a pantry. Cleaning and purging my drawers in the kitchen is no big task…23550939663_e9863720e7_b

Since I work in a supermarket I don`t have to stock that much…


But…I always make sure I have enough coffee and I try to buy stuff I use often when the prize is low – like almonds and hazelnut kernels used for granola…


Always half the prize in December.

I did a good job last January because my kitchen drawers don`t need much work…


Still – the cabinet under the sink is always in need of cleaning and sorting…


The most important lesson from doing the Cure is to tidy up when I am done with my task. It is so much nicer to come home from work the next day.

A treat is also a good thing during the Cure…


Because FIT is next month 🙂

Before going on With the one drawer that needs a little organizing I will make dinner from last nights “trashed food”. I don`t mind if the date has expired 🙂

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5 Responses to January Cure 2016 – Purge the pantry

  1. Tiffany says:

    Hi! I clicked on your link in the comments on Apartment Therapy’s January cure assignment. I really appreciate your pictures. Good job organizing! I was wondering what you’re referring to when you said “FIT is next month.”
    What’s FIT?

  2. alexa says:

    Such a lovely tidy space – great job! Looking forward to seeing you in the FIT class :).

  3. Betsy Black says:

    I love tidying up! I need to start with spring cleaning soon and that means that I have to organize my home. I am planning to start from the kitchen. Thank you for the ideas! You did a great job!

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