January Cure 2016 – Declutter a Drawer

I feel good about drawers because I don`t use them much there is not much to declutter 🙂 There are a few in the bedroom but they can wait until it is time to do that room. The one drawer left in the kitchen don`t make me break a sweat…


Just a blink and I was done…


Since I had the energy I moved on to the ventilator…


The one thing I don`t like…


While I waited for the filter to dry in front of the heat pump I cleaned the coffee machine…


I do that once a week – because I love coffee 🙂 but putting this task on my list makes me feel accomplished when I cross one more thing off my list.


There is only one thing almost as bad as cleaning the ventilator and that is cleaning the fridge.

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1 Response to January Cure 2016 – Declutter a Drawer

  1. Anne holscher says:

    Good for you. And I love your art. Just beautiful.

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