January Cure 2016 – Flowers and Kitchen

I failed the first assignment…


I guess a cactus can`t be considered as flowers 🙂 But – I forgot to order cut flowers for the store and have to live with the consequences.

My choice of dinner was determined by what I had to eat in order to empty the refrigerator so that it was easy to clean…


So much easier to clean when it is less to take out of the fridge…


And up there on the top shelf is tomorrows dinner.

Since I have more rooms to clean than the Cure calendar shows I moved on and finished the kitchen assignment. The ceiling, walls, windows, furniture, floors – even the mats are cleaned…


Everything on my kitchen list is done and I am ready for other things this weekend…


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1 Response to January Cure 2016 – Flowers and Kitchen

  1. Jean says:

    I had so many extras in my pantry that I “purged” directly into a pot on the stove and had a veggie lunch and dinner lol.

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