Sunday Adventures


This weekend they drove up to their cabin in the mountain for the first time during winter. Of course they had to do this the coldest weekend they could find. Minus 21C is a cold place to arrive skiing. The little ones could report that it was cold. (With voice trembling and teeth that rattled).

It gets more fun. On Saturday their dad discovered that the car did not start. He had to walk a long way to get help. Back again with jumper cables to the car. That did not help. Walking further for help to get a batteries. That did not help. At the end he did get the car started by letting it do down hill.

They went up there Friday afternoon and was back home Saturday. I am sure they learned a lot about using a cabin in the mountain during winter season.

He spent last Sunday with his mother exploring the neighborhood


Dragging his car all the way to the center only to find out the shops were closed. No wonder he wanted to be pulled on the way home.

This weekend he got his own vacuum cleaner because he love to vacuum. But he found his own a little scary. Surfing the net for robot vacuum cleaner was more fun…


…and he got a new friend called MUUH…


No problemo eating breakfast when Muuh also want breakfast. Showering together is most fun.

Me – I am making “Baccalao” for dinner…


Nice to have three extra meals since The January Cure takes a lot of time and energy.

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3 Responses to Sunday Adventures

  1. alexa says:

    I do love your One Lovely Day page – great colour choices too. Golly, minus 21 sounds VERY cold ….

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh, Dear Oh Dear!

    Looked up recipe. Lovely ingredients! Do you use fresh or dried cod? Also, what spices? Might have to try that one – when I cook!! 🙂

    • elinjanne says:

      600 g clipfish (before dilution), in pieces
      about. 600 g potatoes, into slices
      olive oil
      1 red pepper, in chunks
      1 yellow pepper, in chunks
      1/2 yellow onion, in rings
      1/2 garlic, minced
      1 / 2-1 red chilli, finely chopped
      2 tablespoons tomato puree
      2 cans canned tomatoes, chopped
      1 bay leaf
      salt and pepper
      I use dried cod and add a carrot to take the top off the tomato puree.
      Baked in the oven (covered with aluminum foil) at 200C for 1,5 hour.
      Lots of good recipes with fish 🙂

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