January Cure 2016 – Pick a Project from Your lists

I could easily pick the same Project as I did in January 2015. My craft room always in need for some organization and tidying. But that will have to wait until the end of the month. This month I need a project I can finish in January and that cost very little Money.

I could sort out my storage room but that room seems to attract mess…


My fault – I invited the mess. Behind the Christmas tree I can spy a small loom. Mine if I want it. Do I want it? Maybe. Some thirty years ago I did some looming and it was fun. Just assembling the loom seems like a large Project 🙂


My wall is still screaming for some decoration. That involves money but mostly a decision and I feel that the decision would be time-consuming and difficult.

I could shine those stairs…

16206349071_41ab9d448dThis is something that is on my list this January.

My living room needs a good cleaning. Especially my bookshelf. This Sunday I was given a “new” chair…


How lucky am I? Maybe I get to read on of those half-read books of mine 🙂 Or maybe I can persuade someone to buy it? You know – sometimes it is just hard to let go of stuff.

One thing I got to cross of my list today – my smoke detectors are up and functioning again


I should be able to do all those projects in January?

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5 Responses to January Cure 2016 – Pick a Project from Your lists

  1. Jean says:

    You have a lovely home! What about a hand painted Zen Doodle on your wall that is screaming for art? I’m no artist, but I can do zen doodles. They’re relaxing, fun and you could accomplish it with a few bottles of craft paint. Practice doodling on paper. When your imagination leads you to a design you like, recreate it on your wall. I’m going to try this in my office reboot.

  2. I hear you on projects Elin Janne! I am going to tackle some as well…just not sure where to start.

  3. Michele says:

    What a unique chair! Sentimental value?

  4. Debra says:

    How about trying one or three picures from behind the chair to your dining room wall?

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