January Cure 2016 – Media Fast

  • I wonder what “smart-ass” came up with the idea of media fast being a one way road to  efficiency and happiness? And how smart are we to believe in it?

Anyway – I have things to cross of my list.

The weather going from blue to red made it possible to clean the outside of my door…


That was the last item to cross of my list for the hallway…


All cleaned – all over.

Hm…just one thing left…


I got to do something about this 🙂

Project – bookshelves…


Done. Every book is is handled with love and care and all the artwork is shining.

So – what to do when you are on a media fast? Sit down and enjoy another of aunt Inger Johanne`s old tableclothes? Or move on to tomorrows assignment. Or I could pretend I never heard about today`s assignment and enjoy Netflix? Blacklist anyone?



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2 Responses to January Cure 2016 – Media Fast

  1. Erica and the City says:

    Lol funny take

  2. Anonymous says:


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