Scrapbooking with Stacy Julian

Tuning out? Me? With Stacy Julian releasing a new class at Big Picture Classes? No way.


The 20% Club | 01
  • Scrapbook
  • Just For Fun

There are a million different reasons for making scrapbook pages, but Stacy Julian shares an approach that will allow you to go beyond fun photos and pretty pages. In this yearlong class, Stacy introduces the “20% rule” and shares different ways to craft connected stories. Each month, you’ll learn clever and creative techniques that will help you plan and design more meaningful layouts more often.

The first assignment was to look through Our photos from 2015 and look for a group of photos that sparked a story.

I had to get to the end of December before something spoke to me 🙂


Not so much the boy but what he was doing…


So – this might turn out to be a story about the piano. Anton`s dad and uncle drove to Oslo to buy this piano from my aunt Inger Johanne almost 10 years ago…


Cousins – Victoria, Linda, Jan Arve, Lucy and Tor Helge. I am sure there is a story here too.

This Piano has given us a lot of joy through the years…


La primadonna was born to juggle the piano…


Always the acrobat.

He wasn`t far behind…


Still going strong…


Of course this can be a story about the piano or it can be a story about the love of playing an instrument…


Early sixties – again cousins, my brother to the right. (This photo was posted at Facebook by a cousin yesterday – Thank you Facebook).

In my family this is one of the stories that is told over and over again because during this party his dad and uncle drove to town and bought the boy a trumpet. Over the years that has become a festive story.

I don`t know how this story will unfold but I am inspired. (So much for tuning out the media…)

The link to Stacy Julian`s class –







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