January Cure 2016 – Cabinet clean out

The calendar says it`s time to clean out a cabinet. All in all I think it is a good thing to have few cabinets because I am the kind of person that is inclined to open the door and shove my shit inside and close that door forever 🙂

If you don`t have a cabinet to clean out – pick a room (or two…) My brother`s wife is slowly emptying a storage. There is stuff they need to store short-term and stuff they have a hard time letting go off. Like beds and mattresses…


You never know when you need an extra mattress and for some reason we thought it would be a good idea to store those at my place. Right there is not a good spot.

There is a room upstairs…


…where I store my “leftover” bed. Yes – me too has a hard time letting go of old beds 🙂

I cleaned without overdoing it since the room has not been used since I cleaned it last. Now the three musketeers can have a sleepover if they are brave enough to do that ever again…


Nice little job to do while the snowplows work hard this winter evening in Bud…


To tell the truthI do have one cabinet left to deal with but it is clean and in need for paint. I did not feel like painting.



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