January Cure 2016 – Flowers and Bathroom

Hello flowers…


It is tulip season so tulips it is…

…and you got to love this green one that is about to blossom in January…


So – bathroom. I have a thing about cleaning the bathroom – laundry first…


Already dry and put back where it belong.

I cleaned the bathroom this morning…


The floor needs scrubbing and polishing but I have to wait until this afternoon because I might get a visit from the electrician. He was here last Friday and he said he would be back this week to do some work. He might not show up today but I better wait to do the floors 🙂

Last January I made the bathroom a project – hoping that my landlord would pity me and decide to do some renovation…



I never heard back from the man. Never mind – some day it will happen. At least it is clean.

It is my long weekend  and it is nice to be home during daylight. Outside my window I can see new homes popping up…


We are moving from minus 6 to plus 6 so we have a week with shitty weather coming up.

If this had been in other parts of the world, like some states in the USA, we would have had snow days all week…


Okay – back to work. I have a washroom to deal with – a small one thankfully.






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