Telling a Connected story

I was about to tell a story about a piano but digging into my photo-boxes turned out to be like jumping in to a deep well…


Because – maybe it wasn`t about a piano…


…maybe it was about the music…


…or maybe not…


Maybe it was about the joy of doing something together…


…or having something soothing to do when the child needing looked after…


…or maybe it was all about trying to correct our failure with the previous generation. Because this one certainly did not turn out to be a piano player 🙂


If you fail as a father you may succeed as a grandfather…


Or – is it really about the music?  Maybe it`s all about spending time together?

Anyway – for us this started with our father…


It is time to dig in to those saved up photos and get them in to the album – as a connected story.

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