Telling a Connected story | Same Music – New Instrument

There has always been an accordion in my home. I have told the story about how this accordion came to my childhood home before – about a father and his accordion


My dad`s favorite time to entertain his family was Sunday morning. We loved that – not so much…



In 2008 his son entertained his grandson. His sharing moment was more like between dinner and bath time. You know – that hour in the day when kids are hard to entertain 🙂


The primadonna had first dib…


…and sometime thing do not go as planned…


…and yes – it does help to look sweet and innocent.

So – the accordion survived  grandchild numero uno and numero doz but it screamed for grandchild numero tres…


My brother`s accordion did not survive his youth. Mine did (in storage).





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1 Response to Telling a Connected story | Same Music – New Instrument

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have taped music of ‘HOPPERS 4’ given by your ‘older’ brother when I visited L O N G ago. 🙂 Love the story of your Father and his accordion…………

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