January Cure 2016 | Surface Sweep

Surface Sweep can be so many things. To me surface sweep means a date with my “best friend”…


Yes – this one. Because there is no clutter to sweep under the carpet in my home. Because all the clutter stick together in my craft room 🙂

I vacuumed and cleaned all the floors Saturday and it feels all wrong to do this finishing task on a Wednesday. Thursday will be a good day for me since I work this upcoming weekend and it will be nice to come home with no cleaning to do.

I did say that I wasn`t spending money during this Cure but I just had to buy some pink today…


…and searching for another photo I found this one from 2013…


I can`t even remember my kitchen looking like this and the change is all thanks to Apartment Therapy`s Cure in 2013.

It is Tuesday evening for me right now and earlier today I have attended a funeral. In 1968 we were 8 girls and 8 boys starting school…


Knut Olav Lyngstad | 1961 – 2016

We spent all 9 years together at school. I have this memory and I have a photo (that I can`t find) – we were 15 and it was May. I was shy – my friend was not, and she asked Knut Olav why his parents had so many children. There were nine of them so it was a good question since nine was five more than average 🙂 As it was said during the funeral today Knut Olav always had a good reply: “Because it was so exciting to see if it was going to be boy or girl.” Nothing more to say about that.

At 16 he had an accident this a fishing hook stuck in an eye and after 22 surgeries the eye was lost. That accident shaped his life but did not define him.

It was good to see a mother and a father with five sons and three daughters gather around their oldest on his final final journey. May it be a good one.

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4 Responses to January Cure 2016 | Surface Sweep

  1. Anonymous says:

    Was the community named for this family?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I always learn something. I assumed your Mom’s maiden name was Herskedal….. Unsure why I thought so. Must get back into the family tree…. Your home is lovely!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Also, do not know why I show up as ‘anonymous’! I did not used to……….

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