While waiting for TOR | the storm


Seems like we are going to go out of January with a bang.

God a bad feeling this morning…


It feels like it already here but it`s not. Just windy and wet.

He had a good day…


He was not happy about walking to the store today. He would rather take the bus. Ice cream and water at the store (where his mother work) made up for the walk – almost. But getting a ride with the janitor on his tractor made him a very happy boy.

He ensured that the tooth fairy would understand that it was a tooth and that there was plenty of room for money – a good plan…


I got to pick them up from school on Tuesday. It took them a few seconds to swap the lesson plan with the iPhones…


They were far more energetic on Sunday afternoon when they got to play with a chemistry eexperiment.

While Tor is building strength…


…I make sure nothing is laying about outside as we might be just in the middle of it Friday evening.

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1 Response to While waiting for TOR | the storm

  1. Anonymous says:

    Keep safe and stay warm and dry!

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