My one little Word | 2016

I saw a movie the other day – Eat|Pray|Love with Julia Roberts. Loved the movie a lot more than the book maybe because I like Julia Robert`s smile 🙂 Somewhere in the movie this line came up: “Am I a woman in search for a word“? That line resonated within me. Maybe I should spend the year looking for a word?

I do have a word. It is TODAY. A follow-up word from last year`s ACTION. I could have moved on with the same word in 2016 but that is kind of boring. Of course I spent all January going back and forth looking for the perfect word with the same intentions – being a woman in search for a word 🙂


So – TODAY it is.

It is an open word and I like that I can put anything I want into it. I can adjust and re-focus as things change throughout the year.

Working on getting the January prompts in to my album this evening. February is coming up so I am late doing this. It has been a long day at work so I might find the bed instead 🙂


A little edgy is good and tomorrow is antoher today.

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1 Response to My one little Word | 2016

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    It’s a good word & I’m sure you & this word will do great things this year. I like both your inspiration sheets – yes good things happen today when you don’t let a bad mood ruin it 🙂

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