Today | Practice

Practice one thing each day in the month of February. I can do that. I am good with challenges like this. But this Monday morning I almost had an anxiety attack just thinking about picking one thing. One thing. Do less or do more. Enjoy or fight. I just had to decide before going to work because other wise I could miss out on possibilities. I know – I am obsessive.

Why just one thing? Why not do less of something and more of something? Ali Edwards cards talks to me…


So – the black one is for practicing less πŸ™‚ (Don`t tell anyone but I am a smoker and in February I am practicing less smoke).

The white one is for practicing more…


…more reading. I just had to pick the thickest book I have.

So instead of take out the vacuum and clean up after the electrician I will sit Down and read a few pages. I may have to read more than a few pages if I want to finish this brick of a book in February.

A little January Cure in February…More than a week late the electrician did turn up today and fixed my electrical sockets, the outdoor light and new lighting fixtures in the hallway. Bright light…


He also replaced theΒ light fixtures in the bathroom. Not that it did much for my bathroom but it is twice as big as the old one so it must be good for something πŸ™‚

And yes – it is snowing…



This weekend`s best shot…


I think his dad would love to have one of these at home πŸ™‚



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