Happy @ Home

The house is clean. That might not be much to brag about since I spent the month of January cleaning 🙂 With all that cleaning I made it all in two hours. I also made a list of things I want to get done in the future…


Split in things to do with no cost and things to do with money. Some small challenges and some more work intensive.

Excited to receive the “Weekend-Challenge” from Apartment Therapy again this weekend. At least I hope it is this weekend. The time difference sometimes mess with my planning. I really wish the email had been in earlier on Friday.

You can sign up to receive the Challenger here: The Weekend Project


I Wonder how The Apartment Therapy staff knew my workspace look like this…


And it get worse…


And the stacks I have stashed in other hidings 🙂

I am so happy the challenge came early this weekend.

Other wise I am still working on my “Connected Story” – a Family story about Music. I have told the story about the piano and the accordion, and I am moving on to the trumpet. That is also a 50-year-old ongoing story…


My brother being the first proud owner. 40 years later his granddaughter used the same instrument as a toy…


The instrument was trashed but the kids loved to play…


Every day could be Sunday if granddad allowed them to play.

We wanted to cultivate the interest for playing and bought a new instrument in 2008…


One problem  – it was too advanced to play on – still they did have fun playing…


In 2015 (or was it 2014) my brother surrendered and bought an instrument the kids could use…


Of course – things don`t always move in the direction we want. She would rather walk in front of the band swinging a stick…


Maybe the youngest one will be the one…


Doing a search for photos with the tag trumpet is fun. So many photos. The kids were always willing to be in front of the camera if they were allowed to play with an instrument.

I plan to finish this evening – but first dinner.

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