ATWeekendProject | 2016

Take a Good Long Look at Your Craft Stash

Thankfully my yarn is already organized in storage so I don`t have to deal with that 🙂 But there is so much else to organize. I don`t have any hope of doing this in one weekend but the challenge from Apartment Therapy had a perfect timing. It kicked my ass in to gear so I could clean off my floor…


No organizing yet – just clearing off the floor so I could move around.

I have an ongoing project in work so I have to wait clearing off my desk. Even in the mess I do have a certain system.


I have been working on updating the kids albums…


Baby Anton and Tor Magnus have their albums updated and now I am working with Kristian`s album.


I keep changing how I organize these albums so I am never really up to date 🙂


That is okay because I love to work with paper and photos.


I had hoped that Stacy Julian would do another class in Photo Freedom at Big Picture Classes but it looks like this is not going to be. Taking these classes helps me stay motivated even if I don`t follow the “rules”. Since Stacy isn`t doing this class  there isn`t really any reason to continue the membership at this moment.


I better keep going if I want to clear off my desk today…(or tomorrow)…



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