This weekend assignment

At Apartment Therapy…

This Weekend’s Assignment: Do or make something special — however small — for the people you love and like most in this world.

Perfect – although unintended 🙂


I have guests this weekend and they came in the door with a plan. They wanted to bake. I never bake so I have no advice to offer but they made a list and went shopping.


So far so good.


Second try…

24352654454_bf04dc4291_b (1)

…and they are still happy.

Let us forget the first two tries and move on to the third…


The third batch looked ok…


…but I never should have left them to work with the sprinklers alone…


The kitchen is clean again and they are slowly moving toward the beds. They are happy, I am happy and we are all looking forward to sleep…

24956934226_4a8c07280d_b (1)

How do I know if the dough is okay or not 🙂

She got hot chocolate over her fingers…



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1 Response to This weekend assignment

  1. Anonymous says:

    Insert a toothpick to check for doneness – if it comes out clean, the dough is cooked!! Looks like fun – even the sprinkles!!!

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