So much to practice this month. Less smoke and more reading. You should think I had enough to practice without adding one more thing 🙂

I was about to give up on that hand-lettering thing when I came to think of another course in handwriting many years ago...


…back in 1983…


Yes – two females and 16 men. Those were the days 🙂 Living together for 12 weeks Learning retail business. So – maybe I learned more about enjoying sparkling white wine than anything else but we sure did have fun.

And maybe I did not learn that much aobut how to create posters but I did get my diploma…


I never got a hang of this back then so maybe I should keep practicing…


They say it`s never too late to learn.

At least I got to take a trip down memory lane and have a few new ideas for a scrapbooking page.(Totally forgot I used to love sparkling white wine).

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