An updated weekend project

So – maybe clean and tidy wasn`t what The Apartment Therapy`s inspiration was about this weekend? I woke up this morning thinking about the package I had on the top shelf in the hallway. The window foil I ordered in january. A bright idea I had after reading this blog – Plankefrue.

Stina and her family are restoring an old house not far from here. Funny thing – Stina used to live in this house with her mother for a short time years ago. It was a coincidence that I found her blog in a Facebook post: Window foil


…because I wanted to let the light in. But the view annoys me more and more. I am sure my landlord will do something about this some day but things take time 🙂

I don`t want curtains so foil was a good ide to hide the view from the inside but still letting the light in…


Measuring is not my strongest trait


I am known to measure very wrong so I did have this plan about getting my sister-in-Law to do this for me some day. But this morning I felt ready to do this…


So – I may have been a little shaky doing this. My Brother always teasing me about not reading the instructions. I thought about that as I cut the foil because I recalled Reading something about cutting 2mm less than the measurement but I did not go back to check if that was right.


All done – right or not, it was too late to go back.

Cleaning the window, adding water and soap…


It is perfect and I love it.

So – before showering I was out shopping for something to add…


A little pink and a new pot for my plant. The plant is on it`s way out but I have a hard time to let og (It has been here for 12 years)…


I guess it has taken one more step closer to the dumpster so now I need a new plant 🙂



I say I earned a piece of brownies right now…


The Brownies was perfect. I promise – I will never make this ever again.


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1 Response to An updated weekend project

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have always wanted to try this on some windows of the beach deck ….. hmmm … inspiring

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