I like Mondays but not Donald Trump

Monday is the beginning of a new week. | Monday can be the beginning of what ever you want. | Monday night I always sleep well because Sunday night equals restless sleep. | Monday at work is all about routine and routine can be good. | And Monday evening has no do to list… Today that is a good thing because I have to go back to work and work the last part of the evening shift.

Just enough time to have dinner and read up on the news. Being amazed about the American people wanting Donald Trump as their president…


…or does he have something in common with our prime minister…


I don`t love her either.

This is the first day of the kids winter vacation and we have the perfect weather for it…


…snow, rain, snow, rain. They can spend all their time inside  with their computer games without feeling bad about it.

I have just enough time left before work to see one more episode of The Blacklist and the crochet needle before going back to work.


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2 Responses to I like Mondays but not Donald Trump

  1. Anonymous says:

    Not ALL Americans ‘love’ Trump. He is scary, so hopefully Hillary can overcome! 🤔

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