Merging municipalities – forced or voluntary

That is the current hot topic locally. Authority encourages the many small municipalities around the country to join together to save money and increase revenue. For the benefit of its citizens, of course. But who wants to go to bed with who?


My father was born in Averøy. My mother was born in Eide where I was born and raised. For the last 12 years I have lived in Fræna.

Untill a few months ago the question was – do we want to merge with the city Molde? We have been asked. There have been meetings. There have been market research and in april we get to vote.

The mayor of Averøy, which is also my cousin, got the idea that maybe Averøy also would like to be involved in this merger. Today they talked…


I like the idea of these three municipalities together because they have much in common. But – maybe the youth will see this differently and is it right to do anything to avoid merging with the “big city”? Maybe they are worried about their own jobs?

Looking forward to this election 🙂

I like Pinterest – but maybe not so inspired by being emailed a new pin for my 2014 Board…


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1 Response to Merging municipalities – forced or voluntary

  1. Anonymous says:

    In South Dakota because there are so many small rural communities, many school districts have merged for sports in order to be able to field teams with enough players to go around. It seems the younger people handle that better than the older residents! It will be interesting to learn about merging ENTIRE communities….especially with a large metropolitan area. Good luck with all. Colorful pin!

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