Reflections | February 2016

I did good with my  One Little Word Practice in February…

One Little Word Practice

…Smoking less. I wouldn`t say it went like a dream 🙂 It was more like a struggle every day. But I did reach my goal and I am ready to set a new goal for March. About reading every day – not so much success. I did for the first two weeks but then it was full stop and I think I know why.

Eating less…



I did suspect that smoking less and eating less would be a difficult combination – and it was. I did make healthy choices…

24748778134_0aa0020e83_bI might have eaten too much, too often and I might have added too much of the good stuff. Right now I am okay with not gaining weight. Bring on March.

My sister-in-law shared a shot from the other side of the mountain this morning…


I am not so sure I want to leave here to move there when I retire 🙂


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