Who’s afraid of the Easter Bunny

Who’s afraid of the Easter Bunny?

Easer Bunny

He is. But he is not afraid to do this…

Digital layout_Anton

He is more than happy to go to work with his grandpa Svein. Next he will go diving with his grandpa because in real life he is a diver. He is so much a boy.

Me? I am easing into one week of vacation. A little cleaning…

ATWeekend Project_2

I didn`t get around to do my kitchen (The Apartment Therapy`s weekend Project) last weekend but it is never too late. Now the kitchen is shining again…

ATWeekend Project

This weekend: This Weekend’s Assignment: Do all the leg work needed to file your taxes, well in advance of the deadline | Weekend Project  As the recipient of wages in Norway I pay my taxes every month and at the end of the year I`m usually in balance. If I don`t want to – I don`t have to submit tax returns. It`s all done digitally. If there is no big changes in my life that I have to declare there is no need to do anything. Good thing. I do not miss the stress building up to January 31 when we used to deliver our tax return. Those days are just a bad memory.

So – one week of vacation. This weekend I am eating from the fridge…

Making dinner

I do not throw food so anything that don`t last a week is eaten…

Fresh soup

Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and laundry is done. The rest will have to wait until Monday arrives. This Sunday evening will be spent on the couch with Netflix…



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1 Response to Who’s afraid of the Easter Bunny

  1. alexa says:

    What a wonderful page you have made! I love the semi-transparent strip of journaling and the big photo. Well done on all your cleaning and tidying!

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