Week in the Life 2016 | Monday

Week in the life 2016 Monday

Ali Edwards is doing this in May | Week in the Life 2016  I want to follow along in May doing a 6 x 8 album, but I don`t know when in May she will do this and knowing that May is a very busy month at work I rather do this now. I have always done this project in a letter sized album and I want to keep a clean line in my shelf 🙂

This is my favorite project – documenting who we are and what we do here and now for one week every year. Some year I get the family to play along and I easily fill a letter sized album with photos and stories. Sometimes I don`t get them to play at all and I get few photos and even fewer stories. Those years would fit perfectly in a 6 x 8 album but I have them all in one letter sized album. Yes I am obsessing about that clean line 🙂

This is so much more fun when they all play along because there is only so many albums I can make with me cleaning…

Ready to clean

The cleaning only change so much from one year to another.

I have spent some time this morning brainstorming some ideas. Since I will be spending the rest of the week in my childhood home I have several ideas.


Some things are different | Some things are the same.


I might have to come back there in May because of the season…


I live on the other side of that mountain – with no snow. This week will be spent on the snowy side of the mountain. Most of my old photos are from the summer season.

To sum it up – this will be a two-part story telling event. Week in the life and stories for the family album.

Good thing this is not the week for making the album…

The desk


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2 Responses to Week in the Life 2016 | Monday

  1. alexa says:

    That looks like a very full desk! But your line of albums looks so neat …

  2. Anonymous says:

    Have a great time ‘at home’! Please greet the family for me. Enjoy the snow! 🙂

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