Hello Easter 2016

When you are an old aunt taking care of three kids for almost a week creates a need for rest:) But today is my day off…


…and since the kids spread their love for baking around I thought I would try out on my own…


I suck at reading the how to manuals. I finally realized that I have grabbed the first bag of flour I could find and that explained why the buns had this weird color. I used flour with whole grain. Healthier but not perfect according the recipe…


Still – perfectly fluffy and tasty…


The little guy is back for the Holliday…


He visited me at work yesterday but he was too busy shopping to give me a kiss and a decent photo 🙂

I have ordered prints for my Week in the Life album and is playing a little with design…


I doubt the prints will be back before Norway close up for the Holliday but just in case I have cleaned up at bit…


In the meantime I might get to finish the project I am working on.

School is out but I have three days more of work before I can rest…




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2 Responses to Hello Easter 2016

  1. Anonymous says:

    Your baking looks yummy! Happy Easter to you and yours.

  2. Mary-Lou says:

    Your last photo – I like the splash of yellow in the tulips, candles, picture & bowls.

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