This Weekend: Clear The Cobwebs

From Apartment Therapy | This Weekend: Clear The Cobwebs and Breathe Easier For Months To Come

I can do that. My plan was to clean all the rooms today since it is my day off but Things don`t always goes like I plan 🙂 Good to know I have the entire weekend to do this project. I did clean the bathroom before I spent one hour at work and finish my shopping for the weekend – and next week. All clutter is out-of-the-way so I should be able to deal With the dust bunnies and cobwebs. How much can it be with all the cleaning going on?

Skipping dinner today since I made rolls and can`t wait to taste those. Haven`t made rolls in 30 years so I am excited to taste. Dinner is served…


…and some for the freezer…


The cobwebs might have to wait for me another day 🙂


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    Have never made!!

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