6 months later

30107190591_514ace4d5b_bSo- what have I been doing since I last posted? Not much…

A lot of crocheting…


Several sweaters – all of them crocheted more than once 🙂

It was fun and relaxing but I am all done with this obsession.

While I obsessed with my crocheting my shipments from Ali Edwards piled up…


Six months and no scrapbooking. I miss it so much and I am trying very hard to get going again.

The first weekend in October we took the boys to Trondheim to celebrate Anton`s birthday. It was fun. The boys had never stayed in a hotell before and was impressed to be met with a red carpet 🙂 Kristian was not happy about the hotell having 15 stores and a elevator so he asked for a room on the first floor. But no – ninth floor. Thankfully he warmed up and before we left Sunday he was all for elevators..


The Pokestop and free cocoa in the bar helped a lot.

Having two large toy stores in walking distanse was also a good thing…


The three of them could buy what ever they wanted. The birthday boy knew what he wanted. The other two left the store with nothing – a miracel. ( They would rather have a game).

He says: I am a three year old man…


… he loves cars more than anything and he instructed his mother to make a “car-cake”.

S0 –  this summer I worked long hours – seven days a week for 4 months. The little spare time I had I spent crocheting and watching Netflix. No vacation before October. But I was blessed with the most fantastic weather those two weeks…


Two weeks in October with weather like this is a pure luck.

With no work and time I signed up for Ali Edwards Hybrid class. Not because I don`t master the technique but I needed the inspiration to start scrapbooking again…


It is hard to find my “voice” after a long break like this…


…but looking at this boy`s happiness…


…I just know that it need to be documented for the future.

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5 Responses to 6 months later

  1. alexa says:

    How lovely to see you again! I had been hoping all was well with you. Working seven days a week doesn’t sound like much fun though. You deserved that beautiful weather :). Although it might be hard to begin again, your pages are lovely. I’m doing the Hybrid course too …

  2. connie hill says:

    Missed your posts🙂

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Anonymous says:

    I am so very happy to hear your voice again! I missed the family news plus seeing all your wonderful projects! Your photos are so awesome capturing those special feelings.

    Rest up. 🍷😊

  4. katell says:

    happy to see you again!always love your layouts!

  5. triggsey says:

    Missed your posts here! I’ve been knitting and not scrapbooking and I’m just diving in to Ali’s kits too!

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