December Daily 2016 | The first day

While I slept Magnus Carlsen celebrated his third time as world champion in chess…


Moving in to the month of December with a slower pace…


Anton was very happy with his first gift in the advent calendar…


My sister in law was happy seeing the handyman driving up with tiles for her bathroom…


I don`t have a plan for my December album this year but I like this saying…


“Enjoy the days, the hours and the Magic moments.”


A little red, a little gold and lots of light makes these dark and rainy days a lot easier to deal with…


No other goals for December than to enjoy being…


No stress with the album…


Make it simple…


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3 Responses to December Daily 2016 | The first day

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    I too like that quote – wishing you lots of magic moments this December. I do like your snowflake sheet & that you can see through it.

  2. Maria Elena says:

    I love your simple album.

  3. alexa says:

    Simple sounds good. As does little stress. Wishing you a happy December.

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