December Daily 2016 | Day 19

Today was a good day for work and laundry. Both done with very little effort. With nothing much to tell from this Monday before Christmas I thought the weather report was a good thing to add…31377312080_5845bc344a_b

No white Christmas for us 🙂

Of course there is not…

3…all over the world and this evening it is Berlin who suffer from an act of terrorism…


A lorry driving in to a Christmas Market.

I like to think that I live in the safest place on earth but then you never know…

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1 Response to December Daily 2016 | Day 19

  1. Paula says:

    Hello Elin,
    happy new year to you!
    I hope you are well, how did you leave the old year behind?
    Looking forward to seeing those scrapped memories. 🙂

    I want to start scrapbooking this year. Now sure if buying a photo printer is a necessity. Do you print your photos at home? At the drugstore? Photolab?
    The problem with photolabs in Vienna is, that they charge approx. 1 EUR for every order. The photo itself would not be expensive. But it is not a good idea to order 2 photos every week. (what might be my rhythm)
    What does Norway’s most experienced scrapbooking woman say?

    warm regards,
    Paula from Austria

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