January Cure 2017 |#4

Today’s Assignment:

Set Up an Outbox and Put One Thing in It.

After using an outbox for years I have come to learn what I can let go of or not. So my outbox this time around will be two paper bags – ready to go in to the trash. At least for the first part of January because I have a feeling where my energy will be needed.

Last night I worked my way trough the kitchen. Cleaned the fridge and one more drawer. Now I know I am not a big spender of spices…


…more like a salt and pepper kind of girl.

The awful place under the sink…


…was the only place I needed to add new shelf paper…


I was full of guts last night and began moving IKEA cubes out of the living room…


Three out and five to go…


There I have it – two paper bags and no outbox 🙂

I guess I know where I will spend most time in January…

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1 Response to January Cure 2017 |#4

  1. Paula says:

    Hi Elin! Was there a reason for moving the shelves/cubes out of the living room?

    Enjoy your coffee break! (very nice coffee machine you have)


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