January Cure 2017 | Saturday


Vacuuming and cleaning – one step at the time…


Thank heaven for small treats found during hard labor…


I left two of my Kallax cubes in the living room. One because I need somewhere to hide the internet modem and one for the look. Two were moved in to my craft room and the rest to the so-called guest room. It was never used as such because it have a door from my bedroom. Now it serves the purpose of storing my albums.

I am not happy about it but this is how it will be for now…


It may be a week or half a year…


The Kallax will be replaced with book shelves moved from my cabin…


…and I worried that the white Kallax will be wrong with the darker wood.

I did search trough 2500 photos to find a pic of the shelves but not much luck. I hardly remember how they look myself so I needed a visual to imagine how it would be…


If you can see behind the monkey you can se the shelfs 🙂

The living room looks a little spars right now but in a few weeks I will be helping my sister in law to move in to her new home and I am willing to bet that she will not have space for all her stuff…


So maybe I can find something I can use 🙂

One floor to go – the kitchen floor. Perfect assignment for Sunday.

Now I am going to find a nice film to watch and do some work on my December Daily album…


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1 Response to January Cure 2017 | Saturday

  1. So those shelving units from the cabin will go into the living room? They’re lovely and they will warm up the room considerably. Enjoy your movie! You have earned it!

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