One Little Word 2017 | Craft


My One Little Word for 2017 is CRAFT.  It is a “to-do” word 🙂 That always work best for me. This is a word I can use as needed. Like craft a life I love, craft a clean home, craft a healthier life, paper crafting, learning a new craft…

I have been sitting down this evening and listening to Ali Edwards welcome message for January and I have finished adding the January prompts to my album. My 2016 album is rather thin so there will be room for another year 🙂 Seems like I am having trouble with showing up after the month of March.

Crafting was what my Sunday morning started up with. A rather dark, wet and windy morning…


My sister-in-law told me that it would be a smart thing to add a few stitches to my kitchen rugs before cleaning them. A good advice since they are about to give in. One problem is I spent half an hour to find the hole in the needle 🙂

I did got the smallest one done…


…before the needle broke.

But once again they lived through the cycle of washing.

Out with the sewing machine and in with breakfast…


All my floors are cleaned and I am ready for another week of cleaning and organizing…


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1 Response to One Little Word 2017 | Craft

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    You have picked another strong positive word for the year. I could not settle on one word for the year so I am paying attention to all my choice of words – I want to be sure I pick really happy positive words when I talk to myself 🙂

    Your home looks so clean & tidy – I like how you have arranged your white shelves with the photo albums.

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