January Cure 2017 | #6


10 Mindful Minutes: A Mini Meditation to Guide You Toward the Home You Want…

I did this yesterday. Wish I could say that I had any bright ideas at the end of the tour but I did make a list of things I wanted to do…


I feel good knowing that most of the items on my list is things to do for my handyman 🙂

Moving forward to picking a project – a smaller one that can be finished in January.

It may look like I have everything under control but the truth ain`t always pretty…


Organizing, organizing and more organizing. I my need that outbox anyway 🙂

And it is getting worse…


About 40 % belongs to my sister-in-law and will be moved out of here in a few weeks. All I have to do is set aside what is hers so it is ready to be moved out. Although I don`t think that will make my challenge any easier.

It is getting even worse…

I have a room for storage upstairs. No heat and no light so I was planning to deal with this last summer but then work got in the way and nothing was done. I thought I had it pretty organized. It never occurred to me that my little friends were playing house up there…


Every box opened and moved around…


I am sure they had a very good time up there…


Of course – leaving evidence was not a good move…


I wish I could show the film they took with the camera they found but that would have been too much for the public eye 🙂

So I guess I have a plan 🙂

Starting slow this Monday evening – sorting some yarn…

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1 Response to January Cure 2017 | #6

  1. MMK says:

    Your hands are full – with more than ‘stuff’!! ha ha
    I am thinking of you. 🙂

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