January Cure 2017 | #9

Good for Your Soul: Bust Some Behind-Closed-Doors Clutter

Not so much behind closed doors but I did have a lot of clutter on my desk, in my drawers and in my IKEA-chart…

It took all evening yesterday to sort out my kits from Ali Edwards. I love those kits but 2016 was not a good year for scrapbooking so many of them was not even opened. Halve of them was opened and not at all sorted. Now I can`t wait to start working with them…


This evening I went through all my stash of embellishment, paint and random stuff. I vacuumed and cleaned. I did not touch the photos. That would have kept me in here for weeks. Now I am ready to move more boxes in here.

The plan is not to open them because this is all kinds of family stuff that needs to be sorted for storage and this is a long-term project. I just need to gather everything in one place and this will make it easier to get to the other mess I have hoarded 🙂


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2 Responses to January Cure 2017 | #9

  1. triggsey says:

    I have to say you make me feel better about my in-opened AE kits!! Now if I could just finish my December Daily.

  2. Paula says:


    those organised Ali Edwards kits look very inviting. 🙂

    I am also a big fan of putting alike stuff in one place. My project: travel literature/guide books and hiking maps. I find them all over the place. Hopefully not much longer.

    Have fun during the 2nd half of this year’s Cure.
    greetings, Paula

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