January Cure 2017 | #weekend

A Cleaner Kitchen…

I have worked in my kitchen since the start of this cure so this weekend will be easy for me. In fact I am almost done. This is my day off work but I was up at 6am…


We only have a few hours of daylight this time of the year and with the whether we have right now that daylight is of poor quality…


But – it was just enough for me to see all the tiny spots on this shiny white kitchen…at least I hope I got them all…


I do have one drawer left to sort out and clean and the freezer.

For now I`m gona sit back and enjoy for a little while. Not so long 🙂


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2 Responses to January Cure 2017 | #weekend

  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful! Love the tablecloth, too!

  2. triggsey says:

    I’ve been enjoying reading your posts. Your space is beautiful! Clean and cozy!!

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