January Cure 2017|#Sunday

I was at work yesterday. Good to be on the inside looking out…


Today I can hear the kids screaming with joy in the hill next door. Too bad we will move on to seven days with wind and rain.

After work I added one more batch of boxes to clean out…


I think that this is it. There are a few boxes with glass and stuff but that easier to handle.

I moved the boxes belonging to my sister-in-law in to the room I finished earlier this week…


She is getting closer to move in to her new home. I doubt moving this stuff will be a priority for her but it is not that long before Christmas and I am sure she will need her Santa before then 🙂

Before going to bed I moved all the books in to the living room and suddenly this room looked like a room again…


Now I am thinking – do I want to make this in to a guest room? Because letting those two adventures girls play house upstairs obviously wasn`t a good idea 🙂 It might be a good idea to keep them under closer observation? Soon I will have to deal with teenagers. Oh my…

It was still snowing this morning but I was up and ready to work…


I don`t know when my book shelves will be moved here but being prepared is always a good thing and those books needed some organizing…


All the food-books moves on to my sister-in-law. Food is not my thing 🙂

And now I am worried about having enough space for all those books because there are more of them coming here with the shelves 🙂


I am okay with living with this for some time. It is better to be prepared than to be told to be ready an hour or two in advance. My brother is a fast mover when he finally moves 🙂 and he is the one with the “key” to all this moving back and forth.

Now lunch – then some cleaning up before Monday and another week filled up with work and curing…


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