January Cure 2017 |#11

Todays challenge will be perfect for me – Plan a get together. It is perfect because I am working a twelve hours shift today so doing nothing at the end of the day will be good 🙂

A get together – I don`t think so. This is not my favorite and I doubt this place will be happy to have guests in January…


But I will be happy to dine alone after work…


…testing fresh soup with organic vegetables. Looking forward to this.

Most of all I wanted to do nothing last night…


…just thinking of everything else I would rather do. But then I was considering waking up to this Monday morning…


…and I pulled myself together and moved most of my shit out of the house and the rest in to storage…


I have to admit that sometimes it is hard to let go of stuff…




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6 Responses to January Cure 2017 |#11

  1. Klynn says:

    Beautifull sharings!!!

  2. MMK says:

    You are so right about letting ‘stuff’ go. I have been doing the same since I do not have Ron here to run things by first. Hoping he will not miss it after not being home for half the year!! Will see what the memory is like. 🙂

    Flying out to the Northwest for a couple of weeks in February before I fly back again in March thru July. Not easy, but am thankful I have my Mother to worry about yet here in the Black Hills.

  3. Sarah Wilson says:

    All those books make me so happy!! One of our long-term goals for our house is turning the closet in our bonus room into a library/reading nook. Maybe 2017 will be our year!

  4. Paula says:

    Ha! The magic word: Storage! … as in “and the rest in to storage…”. Could this be the key to your de-cluttered apartment? You own a place for all the stuff, only it’s not at your home?

  5. simplernow says:

    Love the “Note to Self, Let Shit Go” sign! Should put one of those up in my house. Great reminder on both the physical and interpersonal areas of my life.

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