Januray Cure 2017 |#12

Cabinet Clean out…

I cleaned my cabinets in the kitchen last week. That was an easy one 🙂 I don`t have many and little inside them. Clean and Simple. Only the stuff I use regularly and that works for me.

Instead I spent yesterday evening struggling with my tablecloths. Not for the first time…


I had the same issue in 2009. Happy to see that only two of those are still with me.

I do find it hard to let go of things given to me by my mother or grandmother even if I know that I will never use it and I am 100% sure that no one will want them after I am gone…


I should follow my own advice and add a note to those I keep because I am third generation owning them  – how else can the fourth generation know why I kept them. I am so good giving others advice about things like this 🙂 And I need to find a way to store them so that they don`t keep popping up every other year.

So much easier with the crocheting I make myself…


When in need to clean – make a new one. That works too.


There is stuff I have owned for 40 years and never used so I guess it is time to let go…

(But not all because I do have an empty drawer in the kitchen maybe the availability will push me to use them…)

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3 Responses to Januray Cure 2017 |#12

  1. Lois Addy says:

    i’ve got lots of those sorts of table cloths. I’ve kept them and thinking of making them into cushions or something I’ll use. I’ve seen some good ideas on Pinterest.

  2. Paula says:

    Hello Elin!

    I see you love cooking and a nice dinner, sitting at the table (not on the couch …) –
    since you love the table cloths and nice meals: Why not use the table cloths on an every day basis?

    I started to make use of the “stuff” – as long as they fit into our lifestyle they are welcome in our small apartment.

  3. MMK says:

    Lovely handwork! Only wish I was able to do that…….

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