January Cure 2017 | #weekend

This weekend – bedroom…

I cleaned my  bedroom during the first weekend so today it was simply a matter of changing the linens and do the usual cleaning.

I have some organizing and purging to do…


Trying to file papers, drawings and old photos in some kind of order…


Thankful for trash bags but a lot of stuff needs to be organized…


Tuesday evening I could smell ginger bread upstairs so I had to open the window in the guest room. Totally forgot about that window when I left Wednesday morning. Not so nice to come up there this morning…


They look so cute…


…and of course it is all my fault that I told them to get those houses out in the trash when they left. I should have known they would take them upstairs and stash them away.

And of course that chocolate sauce would start running and the houses sagging after 48 hours in the damp air from the rain…


Now I do have a bedroom to clean 🙂

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2 Responses to January Cure 2017 | #weekend

  1. simplernow says:

    When I want to get rid of some of my kid’s stuff that they no longer use or need but will not part with if asked, I hide it in the attic until they forget about it but that doesn’t work well for food! Good thing you found those gingerbread houses BEFORE they composted up there. 😉

    Looks like they were very pretty pre-meltdown.

  2. Lois Addy says:

    oh no! they should have eaten a bit or taken it with them! I’ve always hankered for a gingerbread house. they do look fun to build.

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