January Cure 2017 |#19

How 3 Minutes a Day Keeps the Messes Away

This I believe –  I do this  before bedtime and in the morning before I go to work. Ok  – it may take five minutes 🙂

Five minutes did not create miracles in here…


…but five hours a day in two weeks may do the trick…


I am making progress…


Four and a half-year in albums and four and a half year chronological in order. Now I am out of page protectors again. Not to worry – a refill is coming in the mail tomorrow.

I need to clarify that I have my prints in albums. This is all leftovers I can`t let go of 🙂 My my nephew’s wife saw a stack of prints of her children and said she would love to have them I said take them. But no thank you – and I do understand that no mother of three wants stacks of images. Now she will be given four albums with images in chronological order and I will not take no for an answer 🙂

( The albums containing the photos and the stories stays with me until I am sure they want them and will appreciate them).

I have enjoyed doing this. Funny to see them grow from this…


…to this…


Where did the years go ?

I had hoped to be on vacation a week in early February. Helping my sister-in-law to clean and move in to her new home. But it may be March before the house is finished although the kitchen arrived this week…


The kitchen is important for a woman so Kjellaug did a happy dance when she saw the delivery arrive. Of course half the kitchen was missing in the delivery…


The goal was to move in before Christmas. Then it was January. Now – Easter ?

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2 Responses to January Cure 2017 |#19

  1. MMK says:

    All good things…..
    Moving day will come soon and all will be sooooo happy!!

  2. Lois Addy says:

    I have trouble letting go of duplicate photos. But now everythign is digital it’s a little easier.

    Love that house and kitchen. Hope it all goes well for them.

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