At the end of a long weekend

This weekend did not turn out the way I planned but having the girls visiting is mostly fun. I might ask when they fall asleep but I don`t push for bedtime. I`m asleep hours before they fall in to a coma. The good thing – they don`t show up before 12 in the morning, begging to be fed…


I probably had breakfast before they fell asleep 🙂

Some entertaining before we had hamburgers at the café…


Good thing I don`t have neighbours close by.

And then they were three…


…and with the third one comes the urge to bake…


…and suddenly there are a lot of energy in the air…


There is something about being three.

Sunday morning and even me slept longer then usual.

And again with a strong urge to bake. Brownies…


Some discussions…


…and a little disagreements…


…but they all agree about licking the bowl…


I think their parents enjoy their time away from home because it was late today before they were collected 🙂

Yesterday`s walk was 8,5 km so this evening I was happy with 2,2 km…



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